‘Let it be an arms race’; MSNBC’s Mika blurts out what Trump allegedly said during private conversation

President-elect Donald Trump reportedly doubled down on a comment he had made about expanding U.S. nuclear capabilities.

After raising eyebrows with a tweet on Thursday about the American nuclear arsenal, Trump apparently added to his remark during an off-air conversation with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski.

“Let it be an arms race, we will outmatch them at every pass. And outlast them all,” Trump said, according to Brzezinski after newly named White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer appeared on “Morning Joe” on Friday.

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It’s not clear if this is Brzezinksi’s interpretation of what Trump said, or his exact words. But Trump allegedly made the comment after Spicer spoke to him by phone and handed the phone over to Brzezinski.

Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, who were wearing pajamas for their final episode before Christmas, broke the news about the comment on the air.

Spicer later clarified that the comment was part of a “private conversation” that he was not privy to when he appeared Friday on CNN’s “New Day.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a press conference Friday, said his own comments earlier in the week about Russia’s military strength were misunderstood in the U.S.

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“If anyone is unleashing an arms race it’s not us,” Putin said, acknowledging America’s superior military strength. Putin also called the Democrat Party sore losers for not holding itself accountable for its seizmic loss.

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