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Disgusted gun control activists ‘out’ FedEx for being the NRA’s ‘secret Santa,’ but lots of folks love the idea

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The Center for American Progress took exception to FedEx offering generous discounts to NRA members for holiday shipping needs as part of the NRA Business Alliance.

Igor Volsky, deputy director for the Center for American Progress Action Fund, took to Twitter to shame FedEx for having a business relationship with the NRA and called on the courier to end that relationship, linking to an online petition by the gun grabbers at Guns Down America.

Note the refreshing hashtag #BloodyFedEXmas employed to condemn FEDEX for being the NRA’s “Secret Santa.”

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Guns Down America got in on the act as well, claiming that “Americans are disgusted”… well, at least three, according to the accompanying photo:

The reaction on social media suggests the effort to target FedEx and harm its performance may result in just the opposite happening.

…either way, keep in mind that when you ship FexEx, you SUPPORT the NRA.

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Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter, including those who were happy to hear about the business relationship:

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