Trump will face off against the dangers of forced diversity; let the left squawk

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Trump ss2The gates are open and gushing with advice for how Donald Trump should select his Cabinet. The “progressive” brigade is showering the discussion with accolades about the marvels of diversity. “Our differences make us stronger,” goes the popular leftist mantra. According to this line of talk, nothing good can get accomplished unless all voices can have their day in the sun. Fair solutions, these people say, can only come when all hands have equal say in the mission and all concerns are satisfied. Huh?

The true issue of diversity is not about how many Blacks vs. Whites vs. Hispanics that Trump taps, or about how many women vs. men inhabit the top ranks of the executive branch. Governing is not a numbers game, it’s a results game, or should be. Trump does not need a wide spectrum of diverse viewpoints about his mission for his presidency. Trump’s missions were developed and explained during the campaign phase, and he won. Now, he needs experts to guide him— gender and skin color be damned— who are diverse only in their reasoned recommendations for how success in the mission is achieved. Do you see the difference? Trump doesn’t necessarily need people to tell him he needs a different mission, he needs knowledgeable experts to explain how to attain success for the missions he chooses. That does not require a certain skin color, it requires wisdom.

Photo source: Yahoo
Photo source: Yahoo

Managing an enterprise as sprawling and complicated as America’s executive branch requires a cabinet and staff who mirror the thinking and ideological viewpoints of the president. Trump does not need to hear diverse opinions about his mission, which will only end in losing focus.  What Trump needs as president are experts with brainpower, providing a variety of contributions and offering more than one point if view for how he can succeed in delivering the goods.

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The hope is that Trump realizes there are real dangers when diversity is over-emphasized. The truth is that problems abound, because diversity exacts a price. Many organizations that rely on diversity lose their ability to focus on achieving results or reaching workable answers. A highly diverse group often produces arguments and points of view that do not fit with reality and separate people from one another. Too many opinions and attitudes prowl about. Standards and principles are jettisoned along the way to reaching “common ground”. Diversity in some groups has bred such squabbling, mistrust and diluted decisions that meaningful solutions stay beyond their reach. Focus is lost. Too many bakers spoil the pie.

Here’s the evidence: Over the years, in a politically correct effort to respect all cultures and to honor diversity, Western nations have opened their doors and allowed tens of millions of foreigners to immigrate. Diversity at its finest? Well, recently, nations have begun to see the dangers of welcoming people who do not respect the rights and cultures of the community which has taken them in. Immigrants, especially radical Muslims, have taken violent advantage of American efforts to diversify. They have no intention of assimilating even though they owe America for the privilege of being here. Their intention is to create their own culture and law in their new country, and the result is that too many of them remain foreigners and reject American culture. Our enemies are using our good intentions to injure us. It seems America’s noble effort in tolerance is flawed and being derailed by stark reality.

Trump should ignore the diversity police and go for merit, go for results in his picks. Let the left squawk, they will do it anyway because no amount of compromise is ever enough for them.

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John R. Smith


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