‘Angry’ Electoral College protester calls Tucker Carlson a liar in heated debate – big mistake

Tempers erupted on air as Tucker Carlson took on an Electoral College protester who accused the Fox News host of lying.

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During Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson asked Daniel Brezenoff, founder of the Electoral College Petition, to explain the contradiction of criticizing a system but then using it in an attempt to strip Donald Trump of the presidency.

“You’re against the electoral college, and I think you make a pretty fair case that it’s less democratic than one man, one vote voting, and you’ve written a fair amount about it,” Carlson said  “I don’t agree with you, but I think it’s a fair case. Now, you’re trying to use that very same institution, the Electoral College to take the election away from Trump.”

Brezenoff wasted no time pushing back at Carlson, accusing him of framing things incorrectly.

“The idea that I don’t think the Electoral College is a good system means somehow I’m not allowed to use it or participate in our democratic system is absurd,” Brezenoff said. “We can participate in the system while reforming it. That’s how part of our democracy works.”

Things continued to heat up as Brezenoff accused the Fox News host of lying after he played a clip from Brezenoff’s Facebook page.

“Stop lying to your viewers, Tucker. Stop lying to your viewers,” he shouted. “I realize it’s your M.O. but it’s not going to work on me.”

Carlson pushed his guest on providing evidence of President-elect Trump calling for a religious ban, which Brezenoff insisted was “on video, and the whole nation saw it.”

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“I don’t know when and where it is, in fact there is not a video actually,” Carlson countered which prompted Brezenoff to direct viewers to a Facebook page where it would be posted “in the next 24 hours.”

“I was just there, you don’t have it,” Carlson responded, laughing.

“Then you’re wrong or you’re lying,” Brezenoff shot back.

Viewers reacted to the exchange on Twitter, suggesting the “unhinged” Brezenoff needed “anger management” classes.

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