‘Honor shaving’: Liberal media loses interest when ‘hate hoax’ Muslim teen shows up in court like this

The story of the young Muslim woman attacked on a New York subway by supporters of Donald Trump, who allegedly tried to rip a hijab off her head, keeps getting stranger and stranger.

…and garnering less and less media coverage.

Turns out, Yasmin Seweid made the whole thing up and now faces charges of filing a false report and obstructing government administration, according to CBS News.

And while the media pounced on her claims of being harassed by Trump supporters because she’s a Muslim, the news she made the story up is getting scant coverage.

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Adding to the strangeness of it all, NBC New York reported that the Muslim teenager “went missing” after filing her false claim.


…only for her to then turn up in a New York courtroom with her head shaved.

The alleged hate crime that the media was only too happy to share turned out to be a hoax and Seweid’s troubles proved to be much closer to home.

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From The New York Post:

Her problem, it turns out, wasn’t Islamophobia, but living at home in a traditional Muslim family that allegedly didn’t care for her becoming “Westernized” — dating a Catholic, drinking and staying out late.

On Wednesday, she appeared in court sans hijab and with a shaven skull. It seems that her father removed the long locks she usually covered in a headscarf — and her eyebrows, too. Do New York’s progressives have any comment on that?


More on the reason behind the teen making the false claim:

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