NYC to preserve Post-it note ‘Subway Therapy’ for Michelle O’s ‘hopeless’ Snowflakes; reaction is mixed

Well, it does beat graffiti…

A joint effort by the New-York Historical Society and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is being characterized as the “Snowflake Preservation Society” after it was announced Saturday that the entities will work “to preserve the impromptu ‘Subway Therapy’ installations popping up in subway stations throughout the city,” according to NBC New York.

Subway Therapy consists of spontaneous “messages of hope” written on Post-it notes stuck on the walls of New York City’s subway stations.

…and the post-election messages that are certain to buoy first lady Michelle Obama’s feelings of hopelessness will soon be permanent.

The reaction on social media was summed up well by one user who described the matter as “safe space lunacy run amok.”

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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