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‘I will do whatever I want’: CNN’s Angela Rye called ‘racist, arrogant, rude’ over Trump. You decide . . .

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Things got heated over at CNN when political commentators sparred over questions about the legitimacy of Donald Trump‘s election.

As a group of panelists on Friday discussed President Obama’s remarks about Russia meddling with the U.S. election and the attempts by some to delegitimatize Trump’s victory, Angela Rye spoke up.

“Donald Trump’s election, in my mind, is far from legitimate at this point,” Rye said, noting that she has “every issue in the world” with Trump not receiving the popular vote and the intelligence community’s assessment of the election.

Panelist Kayleigh McEnany agreed that alleged Russian hacking was inexcusable and was confident that the president-elect would address the issue when he holds a press conference in the future. However, she took issue with Rye’s statement about the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency.

“What is equally inexcusable is for my colleague to question the legitimacy of the election,” McEnany said forcefully. “This is a legitimate election and no one should question the fact that Donald Trump is the president-elect because he’s there fairly.”

Rye did not take the comment well and fired back at McEnany.

“I will do whatever I want to do,” she retorted. “And what I’m saying is that I do not believe this is legitimate for a lot of reasons,” and added, “that guy is not my president.”

As the panelists began speaking over each other, host John Berman sought to regain control, noting that both sides of the debate were creating strawmen.

While some Twitter users applauded Rye’s boldness, many blasted her for her unprofessional behavior.

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