CNN’s Angela Rye loses sympathy over TSA’s ‘vaginal chop’ because she couldn’t resist Trump P-word dig

CNN’s Angela Rye endured an invasive Transportation Security Administration patdown in Detroit on Friday and documented the disturbing encounter on social media.

Reduced to tears, Rye likely had much of America on her side… until she decided to turn the incident into an attack on President-elect Donald Trump.

Establishing what would seem to be a reasonable expectation, that the TSA agents “aren’t patting down my vagina,” Rye went on to describe a “vaginal chop” that clearly took her aback, as seen in the video she shared. But Rye opted to jettison millions in her corner when she then brought politics into it, comparing the TSA agents to Trump grabbing vaginas.

Rye also posted the video of the pat down, taken by the responding police officer:

If only she could have left well enough alone. Rye allowed her political leanings to thoroughly distract from what was a very valid message when she posted this:

Then again, what can you expect from an individual who questions the legitimacy of Trump being elected president of the United States:

The reaction on social media suggests people are over the Trump-bashing from the left and its media allies… and that Rye only hurt her cause by slamming him.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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