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Fired-up Michelle Malkin says she pities the ‘traitors’ and ‘saboteurs’ who aim to derail election

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Michelle Malkin had some strong words for Republican electors of the Electoral College who don’t vote for President-elect Donald Trump as they pledged.

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“They’re not ‘faithless electors,’ these are feckless electors,” the CRTV investigative journalist, conservative columnist said on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Thursday, slamming them as “traitors” and “saboteurs.”

Malkin blasted liberals who are still in denial over Trump’s election victory and said she feels “pity” for them as they attempt one “last stand of self-indulgence” by trying to undermine the electoral process.

“These progressives, of course, live by the life and political motto: ‘By any means necessary,'” Malkin remarked when host Sean Hannity suggested the effort is about trying to delegitimize Trump before he even takes office.

She denounced the tactics by those on the left to intimidate electors ahead of December 19 when they are scheduled to cast their votes in their respective states for President and Vice President, referring to electors being subjected to death threats and relentless emails and phone calls.

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“They’re the ones that accused us of a climate of fear and intimidation and bullying? Look in the mirror,” she said.

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