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Trump ‘bounced’ Twitter at bigwig tech meeting and rumor why FINALLY gets ‘crooked Hillary’ trending

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There was one notable absence at Wednesday’s meeting between top tech executives and President-elect Donald Trump.

…and it may have had something to do with payback.

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According to a source close to Politico, Twitter was “bounced” from a seat at the table for not allowing an emoji version of the hashtag #CrookedHillary during the campaign, Politico reported.

From Politico:

Dorsey [Twitter CEO] personally intervened to block the Trump operation from deploying the emoji, which would have shown, in various renderings, small bags of money being given away or stolen. That emoji would have been offered to users as a replacement for the hashtag #CrookedHillary, a preferred Trump insult for his Democratic opponent.


RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer appeared on MSNBC after the meeting and denied the claim, saying there were only so many seats at the table — and while Facebook was afforded one, Twitter was one of a few major U.S. tech companies left out in the cold.

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“The conference table was only so big,” Spicer said. “There was a lot of companies if you go down the list of the top tech companies, I guarantee you, you’ll find additional ones there. This was not an intentional slight.”

Either way, the decision resulted in “Crooked Hillary” trending on Twitter, which was a rare sight and may not be seen again.

Here’s a sampling of responses from the social media platform:

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