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Trump tight-lipped on why he met with Kanye West today; source reveals who reached out to who

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Could Donald Trump be wooing rapper Kanye West to take an official position?

Rap superstar Kanye West was seen entering Trump Tower early Tuesday morning and sparked a fury of social media buzz. E!News reported that Trump reached out to West to discuss an ambassador-type role.

“Trump thinks he’s a great role model when it comes to business,” an insider told E!  West could be being considered for an “entrepreneurial leadership role,” according to the source.

But, the two were tight-lipped when they posed for cameras.

And it’s when when Kanye and Trump parted ways, and briefly hugged for the cameras that had most folks really excited — for better or worse.

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“I just want to take a picture right now,” West told reporters who were asking him about a possible run in 2020.

After some laughs, Trump and West shook hands and briefly embraced.


“So long man, you take care of yourself,” Trump told West who was recently hospitalized for a mental breakdown. “I’ll see you soon.”

What? See you soon?

You’d better believe the exchange has got people buzzing, and has one person noted will “trigger some liberals”:

That’s correct. Just before Kanye was hospitalized, he confessed on stage during one of his concerts that he wished he had voted for Trump. Needless to say, that didn’t sit well with a lot of West’s audience. And it’s probably not going to change anytime soon:

For meeting with the president-elect? Tolerance!




Huh? Anyway, plenty of people were reacting in all sorts of ways, and it’s the talk of town on Twitter, and no doubt, beyond.

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Stay tuned!


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