Some rich donors snubbed from Hillary’s lavish thank-you party are ticked off!

After all they did to help Hillary Clinton, some of her biggest donors are now infuriated that they were not invited to her lavish thank-you party.

The December 15 gala event will be held at the the Grand Ballroom of New York City’s Plaza Hotel so the former presidential candidate can thank Democratic donors who poured thousands of dollars into her unsuccessful bid for the White House, The Washington Post reported.

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But some of those donors apparently didn’t make the cut and are not happy about it.

According to the Post:

Invitations to the party went out last week, and the remaining staff of the Clinton campaign has been fielding complaints ever since from donors who were not included. Some donors were told that the size of the party was dictated by the space constraints of the ballroom, people familiar with the event said.

The opulent 4,800-square-foot ballroom can only hold a few hundred people and apparently is too small for all of the donors to be invited.

“They’re saying they didn’t have enough room for all of these rich Democrats,” Twitchy reported.  “Egos apparently take up a lot of room.”

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Twitter users speculated on the reason for not inviting some of the donors and even wondered who was intentionally left out in the cold.

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