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SNL tries to dig at Angela Merkel, but can’t get past its own Trump-hate

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Saturday Night Live never misses an opportunity to take a shot at President-elect Donald Trump and did so again this week as it poked fun at his being named Time’s Person of the Year.

On its “Weekend Update” segment it portrayed German Chancellor Angela Merkel, played by Kate McKinnon, who also plays Hillary Clinton, lamenting Trump’s selection which followed hers in 2016.

“It kind of undermines the honor for me,” she told Colin Jost. “It’s, like, winning the Nobel Prize for physics, and then the next year they give it to Hoobastank.”

She said that between Brexit and Trump’s election as president 2017 has been a “real Volkswagen” for her but that former British Prime Minister David Cameron was able to cheer her up as she was “coping” with trump getting Time Magazine’s honor.

“David Cameron called. He always knows how to cheer me up,” she said. “He says ‘let’s call Donald Trump and pretend to be the president of Taiwan.'”

She also took a shot at the “alt right movement in America, likening it to Nazism in Germany.

“In America, it’s the alt-right. In Germany we call it why grandpa-pa lives in Argentina now,” she said.

Jost asked “Merkel” if she had heard from Hillary since the election to which she said she hadn’t and she was concerned.

“She is so deep in the woods,” she said. “I’m worried she’ll come upon a candy house.”

Watch the clip below.

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