Dem gov. of Virginia recalls omen that spelled doom for Hillary, and it has to do with his chickens

It was all over one month before the presidential election.

The results had been foretold and were already written in the stars — in a manner of speaking.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a long and faithful friend to former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, keeps four chickens as pets, and one of them died one month before the election.

The chicken name? Hillary.

It was all over after that.

McAuliffe shared this information at an event hosted by The Atlantic on Thursday.

“I hate to say this, one chicken died,” he said. “About a month before the election. Hillary died.”

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One person observed:

He was unclear as to whether it was the chicken or the election’s result that was “delicious.”

McAuliffe added that the family has already replaced Hillary.

“We’ve got Hillary Jr. now,” he said. “She is bright and fluffy and making a lot of noise and healthy as an ox.”

And the electorate got rid of the former secretary of state on November 8. His name is Donald Trump, and just Like Hillary Jr., he’s “bright and fluffy and making a lot of noise and healthy as an ox.”

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