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Michael Moore feigns DEEP concern over Trump missing briefings; glosses right over Obama’s record

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Michael Moore‘s bigger problem is that we ARE paying attention…

Appearing on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” the rotund liberal filmmaker shamelessly whined about a concern for national security, given reports that President-elect Donald Trump has been skipping daily intelligence briefings.

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“With all due respect Mr. President-elect, on our behalf, you have to pay attention,” Moore bemoaned. “You have to attend these briefings. This is our country. This is our security. This is our safety.”

His concern is hard to belive coming from a man who sat silently by as President Barack Obama attended just 42.1 percent of his Presidential Daily Briefs from his first day in the White House through September 29, 2014, according to a report from the Government Accountability Institute.

But that didn’t deter Moore from overindulging on drama, telling Trump, “You’re not doing you’re number one job […] to make sure that the country is safe.”

Never mind that until January 20, 2017, that responsibility falls on Barack Obama.

Having made his point, Moore could not push away from the table, opting instead to serve up an extra portion of sanctimony.

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“I beg you. Seriously,” he implored. “I’m asking you to do your job for the sake of the people who may wind up dead.”

He then looked past Obama’s eight years in office to bash former President George W. Bush for not paying attention to intelligence briefings, insinuating that 9/11 occurred because of this.

“We had this happen once before; we had this non-engaged President who wasn’t reading his briefs,” the filmmaker said, looking into the camera. “You don’t even attend the briefs, so I’m begging you to do that.”

The least NBC could have done was offer a viewer warning that barf bags may be required.

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