CNN’s Van Jones sucks it up to talk to Obama voters who switched to Trump – here’s how that went

Another myth shot to pieces.

That’s what CNN shill Van Jones encountered when he spoke to an Iowa family who twice voted for President Obama but supported Donald Trump this year.

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Jones took time out from race-baiting to talk to working class, blue-collar workers in America’s industrial heartland for a special called “The Messy Truth.”

To Jones’ surprise, he discovered that not all whites who voted for Trump are racist, sexist rednecks who hate black people, Latinos and Muslims.

Scott Seitz and his only son of voting age voted for Obama in 2012 but this election, he and his four sons all voted for Trump. Seitz’s wife Derinda abstained because she didn’t support either Trump or Hillary Clinton.

When the longtime Democrats were asked why they rejected Clinton, Scott Seitz said it’s because Trump actually heard their cries and gave voice to their economic concerns:

“We put Democrats in office. And [Hillary] turned around and forgot completely about us. We are what makes this world go around.

We built the tanks and the bombs that won this country’s wars. And for you to come through and completely neglect us, we would rather have voted for anybody but her. She hurt us.”

Van Jones recently offended tens of millions of Americans when he attributed Trump’s victory to a “whitelash against a black president” in an unhinged rant.

“This was a whitelash,” an emotional Jones whined. “This was a whitelash against a changing country. It was a whitelash against a black president in part.”

Of course, this gross generalization totally discounted the millions of minorities who supported Trump.

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Scott Seitz said race did not play a role in his voting. He said auto and steel workers in his area are suffering financially and they want Trump to stop the “bleeding.”

Trump campaigned on a promise to be the voice of the forgotten man and woman. And so far, he appears committed to that pledge.

“The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer,” Trump vowed.

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