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Newt Gingrich: ‘We have 1,100 happy families and a news media unable to report on success’

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Newt Gingrich thinks President-elect Donald Trump’s achievements seven weeks from even being sworn in are a “big deal.”

Gingrich called out the news media for its inability to report on Trump’s successes, focusing instead on the wrong details, in a piece published by Fox News on Friday.

“In history, winning increases the likelihood of winning. Losing increases the likelihood of losing,” Gingrich wrote. “Today, President-elect Trump looks like a winner.”

Pointing to Trump’s recent negotiation with air-conditioning manufacturer Carrier to keep over 1,000 jobs from being moved to Mexico, Gingrich noted the media’s lack of perspective.

“We have 1,100 excited families looking forward to a happy Christmas when for weeks they had been sick with worry about their futures. And we have a news media unable to report on success,” he wrote.

The former speaker of the House presented the achievement as an example of “pure Trumpism.”

“Don’t wait to be inaugurated. Don’t spend a lot of time with staff studying the issue. Don’t delegate to someone else and hope for the best,” he explained. “Trumpism includes intuitive decisions followed by rapid, personal intervention to force success.”

Gingrich also pointed out that Trump understands that “winning the right symbolic victories” goes a long way to showing Americans that the president-elect “cared enough to act before he was even sworn in.”

“Trump understands that winning is always better than losing,” he continued. “Americans have watched Barack Obama fail to save jobs. In fact, he mocked Trump and publicly asked if he was going to wave a ‘magic wand’ to save jobs at Carrier. Now it is Obama who looks impotent and incompetent – and Trump looks like maybe he has a magic wand.”

Gingrich concluded that 1,100 “happy families at Christmas is a big deal” to those families and the millions of blue-collar workers who voted for Trump, whose actions continue to alter the face of our two political parties.

“The isolation of the Democrats into a left-wing club of clueless and out-of-touch elitists continues,” he wrote. “The transformation of the Republican Party into the party that cares about families and jobs moves forward.”

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