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See why Trump’s biggest supporter is mad as hell

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One of New York City’s most vocal Donald Trump supporters had some harsh words for liberals crying over the election results.

Image: Screenshot New York Post

“Go back to your class. Go back to work,” artist and “creative patriot” Scott LoBaido told those protesting over president-elect Trump’s victory in a two-minute video on The New York Post website.

The Staten Island native has painted thousands of renditions of the American flag for over 25 years.

LoBaido made headlines earlier this year when vandals torched a giant “T” sign promoting Trump that he had erected on a friend’s lawn. The vow to build a bigger “T” caught the attention of the Republican candidate who spoke to the artist by phone.

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LoBaido, who has embarked on national tours to paint giant renderings of Old Glory in honor of American veterans across the nation, is fed up with liberals whining about the election outcome. He is even madder at millennials for their meltdown over Trump’s victory.

“Tear gas, tase, lock ’em up,” LoBaido suggested for dealing with “these kids out there destroying cities.”

“Suck it up, buttercup. It’s over,” he advised in the video that features strong language and some strong emotions from the artist. “Let me fill you in on a little something, kiddies. He’s your f***ing president.”


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