An entire city is burning and crickets from the elitist MSM; ‘It snows in NY the media loses their minds’

Much of the national media continues to obsess over the recount efforts of Green Party candidate Jill Stein, even as raging wildfires fueled by high winds force the evacuation of thousands of people in the South.

Apocalyptic scene! Terrifying video, photos of Smokey Mountains engulfed; massive resort town evacuations

Fires have been burning for weeks in Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina, with hundreds of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed by flames. Emergency officials evacuated downtown Gatlinburg and the National Guard has been called in to help overwhelmed firefighters.

All of which makes for a pretty big story, one might think… though a quick scan of social media might prove one wrong.

Megyn Kelly: Why does Trump have to ‘make up information’ that he won the popular vote he lost?

Based on the reaction of social media users, there should be little doubt why so many in America rallied around Donald Trump on Election Day.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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