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Overcome with emotion, ABC News anchor chokes up with powerful personal testimony about Fidel Castro

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ABC World News Tonight Weekend anchor Tom Llamas, whose parents fled Cuba, was overcome with emotion while discussing the death of brutal communist dictator Fidel Castro.

“Fidel Castro was someone who was a tyrant,” Llamas said Saturday during an appearance on Good Morning America. “He was a killer. He was a liar.”

And he had a ready answer to the prerequisite reply from many on the left about Castro’s positive impact on literacy rates and health care in Cuba.

Llamas noted that Cubans may be able to read, but they are told what to read and said that while people talk about the world-class doctors on the communist island, the citizens there receive third world health care.

He became highly emotional as he described how his family spent “night after night” putting together care packages to send to Cuba, struggling mightily to maintain his composure as he explained that they included Kool-Aid “just so they could have calories.”

Powerful testimony to the failures of socialism.

H/T TVNewser

Tom Tillison


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