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Kellyanne Conway makes it clear she’s had about enough of sore loser Hillary supporters

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Kellyanne Conway mocked voters who still refuse to accept the election results that awarded Donald Trump the presidency.

The former Trump campaign manager commented on Twitter about Hillary Clinton supporters who are calling for a vote recount in some key states.

Hamilton star who lectured Mike Pence has just been dealt the ultimate dose of karma; time to rethink that apology!

Conway’s tweet mockingly reminded critics of the attacks on Trump for his repeated claims throughout the campaign that the election system was rigged.

While the president-elect gained the electoral votes necessary to win the White House, Clinton now leads the popular vote by over two million votes. Of course, the vast majority of those votes come from the uber liberal state of Califonia. Protests in Califorina, and around the country have erupted and continued against Trump since his victory, with critics even calling for abolishing the electoral college system.

Laura Ingraham’s hilarious Thanksgiving joke won’t be told around Hillary Clinton’s table!

A formal recount has not been demanded by the Clinton campaign nor the Democratic National Committee, but Clinton supporters continue to protest the results. And Conway’s tweet recieved a lot of play on social media.

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