Minimum wage gang is back, promises ‘largest, most disruptive protest ever’ in response to Trump’s win

Looking to take part in the left’s post-election temper tantrum, the union-led Fight for $15 movement is promising its “largest, most disruptive protest ever” next Tuesday.

The effort to increase the minimum wage to a job-killing $15 per hour is largely financed by the militant Service Employees International Union, which poured $20 million into the effort in 2015 alone, according to the union’s annual financial disclosures.

…and if anybody knows anything about being “disruptive,” it’s SEIU.

Following the election of Donald Trump as president, the Fight for $15 movement claimed the incoming administration “threatens an extremist agenda to move the country to the right,” and said it “won’t back down” from its activism, according to its website

“Just because the election went a certain way, doesn’t mean we’re going away,” said organizing director Kendall Fells, according to The Hill. “It’s the exact opposite.”

The union activists say protests are planned in 340 cities on Nov. 29, which is the fourth anniversary of the launch of the Fight for $15 campaign, the online news source reported.

“We are going to hit hard — pushing our most disruptive protests yet on Nov. 29. […] and risking arrest via mass civil disobedience in front of McDonald’s restaurants from Detroit to Denver,” the union organizing group’s website warned.

In addition to targeting industry leader McDonald’s, the activists will hold protests at airports around the country, to include Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport and Newark International Airport.

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