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Maybe she’ll stop crying ‘white’ wolf: Actress Debra Messing cheers about ‘white’ turkey day, and then this . . .

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Poor Debra Messing.

The virtue-signaling Social Justice Warrior was sarcastically mocked on Twitter as a “racist pig” for rejoicing over the idea of “white Turkey Day.” Because wait — isn’t that RACIST?! 

“It’s snowing ❄,” one Twitter user remarked.

Messing gleefully replied: “OmG!!! A white turkey day?!”


Twitter users immediately let Messing have it, calling out her “white privilege” and demanding to know “what’s wrong with brown turkey?”

Another person quipped: “Wow. Just wow. @DebraMessing shows off her Thanksgiving privilege. I can’t even.”


While the faux Twitter jibes seem funny because they’re so ridiculous, they mirror the absurd attacks Messing and other SJWs make on random people for making benign comments.

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Messing spends her free time on Twitter accusing white people of being racist for supporting Donald Trump. Interestingly, Messing does not think it’s racist for a white person to support Hillary Clinton, even though she’s as white as Trump is.

Maybe after being called racist for NO REASON, Messing will stop crying (white) wolf for a while. But we doubt it.


h/t: Twitchy

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