Gutfeld’s advice to liberals: ‘Relax, Trump’s not the crazy right-wing nutjob you think he is’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld soothed liberals’ fears about Donald Trump as he argued that the president-elect is not the “right-wing nutjob” they thought.

Trump is “moving to the center, fast,” Gutfield said Tuesday on “The Five,” pointing to his shifts in position on issues like prosecuting Hillary Clinton and climate change.

“I guess my point is, liberals relax,” Gutfeld said. ” He’s not the crazy right-wing nutjob that you think he is.”

Hamilton star who lectured Mike Pence has just been dealt the ultimate dose of karma; time to rethink that apology!

“When he was talking about a lot of this stuff, he was always kind of winking at everybody, and he also has the benefit of a cult of personality” he added. “People voted for him because they liked him. So, they’re more forgiving if he changes his mind.”

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Frieda Powers


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