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Trump ditches press for dinner and everyone goes crazy, Obama loses motorcade in Peru and nobody cares

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Hypocrisy anyone?

The mainstream media went crazy last week after President-elect Donald Trump went to dinner with his family without sending out a press release.

Within hours, there were mounds of media stories condemning Trump for “endangering national security” by going out to a private family dinner six blocks from his home.

On Sunday, President Barack Obama lost his press detail after attending dinner at the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum in Peru, and the media silence is deafening.

trump-ditches-pressThree vans carrying a group of reporters, photographers and a TV crew got separated from Obama’s motorcade after he left a gala dinner for world leaders.

Chaos briefly ensued, but the press detail finally caught up with Obama as he arrived at his hotel, the Associated Press reported. But the media reaction has been minimal. So far, there are only two or three stories about the incident.

obama-ditches-motorcadeAs the sitting U.S. president who’s traveling in a foreign country (where security is harder to manage for Secret Service), Obama getting separated from his press entourage even briefly is alarming and does pose a danger to national security. So where is the media outcry?

One Twitter user noted with disgust that the press gave Obama a pass despite freaking out about Trump’s family dinner.

“Reporters wondering why no one takes them seriously should refer to the Trump/pool freakout vs. this,” one Twitter user pointed out.


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