Even David Axelrod calls BS on media hypocrisy over Trump’s transition announcements

The relentless mainstream media attacks against Donald Trump aren’t going to let up once he’s president.

Trump has been barraged with criticism claiming his transition operation is in “chaos” because he hasn’t hired all 4,000 of his staffers 10 days after being elected.

“Veterans of Washington’s transition rituals said Mr. Trump seemed to be further behind,” the New York Times bloviated.

The press outcry has gotten so warped even David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to President Obama, defended President-elect Trump’s transition.

“Lots of reasons to be concerned about [Donald Trump’s] transition but the pace of announcements isn’t one of them,” Axelrod wrote on Twitter. “That’s not a fair shot.”

Axelrod pointed out that Obama’s transition team was no further ahead of Trump a week after he was elected in 2008.

“We hadn’t made any major appointments at this point in 2008. I don’t remember being criticized for it,” Axelrod tweeted.

In one week, Trump has already selected a White House Chief of Staff, CIA Director, National Security Adviser and Attorney general. That’s yuge.


Even conservative commentator Glenn Beck, a vocal Trump critic, lambasted the press for pushing the mainstream media narrative that Trump’s transition is in turmoil.

“All they’re doing is they’re talking about Donald Trump and what a horrible disarray his Cabinet picks are. First of all, he’s ahead of every other president in his Cabinet picks,” Beck said (via The Blaze).

Vice President Joe Biden also defended Trump’s transition, saying the Obama administration wasn’t ready on Day 1 because “no administration is.” (Note: Today isn’t even Day 1. It’s Day -62).

The press scuttlebutt has gotten so out of the hand even the White House was forced release a statement shutting down rumors that Trump’s transition is in such “chaos” that no one from his team has reached out to the State Department or the Pentagon:

Given all this press disinformation, is it any wonder that 94% of the public does not trust the media, according to a recent survey?

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