Trump supporter’s best man, other ‘friends’ sever ties when he posts election night celebration pic

The contentious 2016 election not only affected the politicians who were running but left a lot of people with broken relationships in its wake.

For one man in New York, lifetime friendships vanished with a click as scores of friends, including the best man at his own wedding, unfriended him on Facebook after he posted a pro-Donald Trump photo of himself, the New York Post reported.

Gary Pollakusky of Long Island posted a photo of himself and his wife Jeanine in front of a Trump/Pence backdrop at a victory party for the president-elect.

“It wasn’t until probably a day or two day later that I started to look at my news feed again to see the pictures of puppies and babies that I was hoping people were posting again and one of those folks that I was looking for in my feed was my best man and I didn’t see anything,” Pollakusky told the Post.

“I clicked his profile and realized he had deleted me and we weren’t friends anymore,” he said. “It’s disheartening … he’s a hot head liberal.”

Pollakusky, who calls himself a “proud Republican,” said his best man, a college friend he’s known for over 20 years, was one of many Facebook friends he lost. He was down to about 1,900 Facebook friends after previously having about 2,000.

“I like people with differing opinions than myself it makes the world go round… This election so clearly infected his world to a point where he felt the need to delete me,” he said.

Pollakusky’s wife and other members of his wedding party who supported Trump were also deleted.

“It’s a sad state of affairs if you can’t handle a profile pic. This is a friend from college, a friend who I got his first job, as much as I could’ve done for this particular friend throughout my life, I’ve done,” Pollakusky said. “To see friendships affected by this is sad… we should be able to objectively incorporate two or three sides into our own communication, respectfully and tactfully.”

Pollakusky hoped “a good old-fashioned telephone call” could help but he has yet to hear from his old friend.

“America’s ready to move on, and so am I,” he said, “with or without my best man.”

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