Lib editor calls on ‘duty’ of New Yorkers to be personally rude to Trump & ‘his brood’ in HATE-filled rant

The fires of anti-Donald Trump protests were stoked in New York City by leftist media urging residents to make life nothing short of miserable for the new First Family.

Leftists complain about the alleged intolerance and bigotry of Trump but they don’t seem to have access to a mirror themselves. In a jaw-dropping post from Vice, a New York-based multimedia news group, residents of the city were told they have a “duty” to “be rude to the Trumps.”

“New Yorkers, it’s time to do what we do best. It’s time to start a nonstop protest campaign of rudeness against Trump and his brood,” Senior Editor Harry Cheadle wrote in the piece published Wednesday.

Cheadle complained that there is nothing residents can do about Trump’s intent, even after being sworn in as president in January, to spend time at his New York City apartment in Trump Tower. “But his neighbors can, and should, do everything in their power to make him and his family (who enable and support his noxious views) feel uncomfortable here,” Cheadle wrote.

He even went so far as to say that if New Yorkers respect Trump because of patriotism or the office of president, they would be “letting down the values that make New York great.”

And those “values” apparently include attacking every member of the Trump family with insults, vulgar language and disrespect.

Cheadle wrote:

If you see a Trump, say something. Specifically, say, “F**k you!” Say, “Get out of this city!” Tell Donald he is a disgrace. Tell Melania that she will go down in history as the enabler of a bully, a liar, and a coward. Tell Donald Jr. he is a racist and an idiot. Tell Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, that they are enablers of anti-Semitism. Also tell Ivanka that her attempts to turn presidential interviews into chances to hawk her gaudy, overpriced jewelry are tacky and pathetic. Tell Tiffany—who is less involved with her father’s activities than her half-siblings—that if she doesn’t speak out against her family, she is complicit in the hateful rhetoric they and their supporters spread.


His insane battle cry did not end there.

If you own a deli or a restaurant, refuse to serve any Trumps. If you wait on the Trumps, you have to give them their food or you’ll likely be fired, but you can give them back their tip. If you see Jared and Ivanka at a gala, or Eric in a corporate box at a Giants game, don’t acknowledge them. If people applaud the Trumps, like those patrons at Club 21, counter that applause with boos. If you make them coffee, give them cream when they ask for soy, and vice versa.


Like all of the other drama queens on the left, Cheadle hopes that all of the backlash triggered by the very name Trump will accomplish something.

“Being a jerk to Trump or his kids isn’t going to stop them either,” he wrote. “But it might make them feel bad for just a split second, it might wear on them and, in time, cause them to question what they’re doing.”

It’s all about the feelings, isn’t it?

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