Newt Gingrich has 7 questions for the New York Times about its so-called ‘rededication’

Newt Gingrich wants to know if the rebirth of honest journalism the New York Times is promising its readers is the real deal.

In a piece published by FoxNews, the former Republican Speaker of the House said he is “old enough to remember when reporters maintained the conceit that they did not have political opinions.” But, he said, he saw “that went out the window this election cycle.”

“It was sad to see a 165-year-old paper destroy its credibility over one election season. But the Times’s complete abandonment of its old standards was obvious to anyone who read its coverage,” Gingrich wrote, listing how the publication cranked out stories, opinions and analysis that was hostile to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and any of his supporters.

The Times published a letter to its readers last week promising to “rededicate” itself to honestly reporting the news.

“This is as close as the Times is likely to come to apologizing to its readers for a year and a half of unbalanced–and often unhinged–coverage of the presidential race,” Gingrich noted.

Gingrich warned that readers should ask the following questions of the paper before accepting its word:

1. Does the Times have any reporters, editors, or columnists who will say they voted for Trump, and has it hired any new ones?

2. Has it hired any reporters who are even Republicans?

3. Has it changed its policies that allowed journalists to express their opinions about the events and people they covered in their news stories?

4. Will it ask the Pulitzer Prize board to withdraw, and its reporters to return, any prizes that might be awarded for news stories that contained reporters’ personal opinions?

5. Have its editors retracted misleading news headlines that expressed opinions or pure speculation–such as the paper’s coverage of Trump’s tax returns?

6. Has it fired reporters who admitted to writing politically motivated “news” stories and encouraged interview subjects to talk to them so they could stop Trump?

7. Has it retracted its shameful election-eve front-page story “reporting” on Trump’s innermost thoughts and feelings, virtually every sentence of which is filled with reporters’ opinions and speculations–featuring claims like “he is struggling to suppress his bottomless need for attention”?


If the answers to the questions are “no,” Gingrich concluded, “why would anyone trust the New York Times to report on American politics?”

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