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Tucker Carlson’s debut show didn’t disappoint! Watch him rattle a professor over safe spaces and cupcakes

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He’s got a bright future ahead.

Fox News’ new show host debuted his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” by taking on the liberal elite. And it doesn’t get any more elite, out-of-touch, smug, and infuriatingly condescending than college professors.

Tucker interviewed Jill Hopke, assistant professor of journalism at DePaul University about the unhinged reaction many campuses have taken to the presidential election.

From walkouts to timeouts, college students and their leaders have come unglued.  So, when Tucker suggested to Hopke that professors instruct their student snowflakes to toughen up, she didn’t exactly agree.

Instead, Hopke tried to explain the shock her students were feeling from knowing the world would not be witnessing the inauguration of the first woman president of the United States.

As for policy? Of course, there was no mention of that.

Tucker pressed on the topic of “safe spaces” where students go to shield themselves from the real world in order to deal with the real world.

And that’s when the interview got really interesting.

After Hopke tried to explain that the role of a diverse University was to foster debate, Tucker basically told her that no one is buying what she’s selling.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you…” Tucker started. “The role of a university in practical terms is not to foster debate, it’s to squelch it.

“And so people who disagree are crushed, and people who agree with the herd are elevated.”

When he pressed her on whether or not she knew any professor that voted for Trump, she tried to shut Carlson down by saying he was asking the wrong questions.

Undeterred Carlson laughed at her weak response and pressed on.

“Isn’t it time for some sort of affirmative effort to bring people who disagree, from other walks of life, into your world?” he said.

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