LOL! A ‘disappointed’ Lena Dunham voicemail to Paul Ryan has a hilarious conclusion – now she’s disappointed AND unsatisfied!

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Lean Dunham really, really believes people want to hear her point of view on events.

The shameless actress posted a video on Instagram Monday of her leaving House Speaker Paul Ryan a voicemail on the appointment of former Breitbart News chairman Steven Bannon as chief strategist and senior counsel to President-elect Donald Trump.

Suffice it to say, the left-wing Hollywood moonbat who admitted in her own book to sexually abusing her little sister is not pleased.

“I wanted to leave a message to let you know how disappointed so many of us are in the appointment of Steve Bannon,” Dunham began.

“I’m not sure you’re really going to listen to this, but I hope you do because I want to let you know that as a woman, as a Jew, as a person who cares about other human beings, people of color, the idea of pointing an anti-Semitic white supremacist…”

Dunham was then cut off, having exceeded a pre-set time limit… either that or the voicemail system simply could not take any more of her whining and mercifully ended the call.

When asked if she’s satisfied with her message, a huffy Dunham spat: “No, I’m not actually satisfied with my recording.”

A funnier start to the day you will not enjoy!

Leaving a quick v-mail for Paul Ryan. You can too! 202-225-3031 ?

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