You know it’s bad for Dems when psychotherapists’ post-election business is ‘pretty unprecedented’

Before even taking his official role as president, Donald Trump is already proving to be good for business.

We’ve all seen the visceral and often disturbing reactions from the left over Trump’s historic win for president of the United States. But it’s too late to tell them to seek professional help, because as it turns out, many of them already are.

“This is pretty unprecedented,” David Sternberg founder and director of Talk Therapy a psychotherapy group practicing in Washington D.C.’s upscale areas said.

Sternberg told the Washington Free Beacon that the patients are venting feelings of “anger, frustration, anxiety, [and] sadness.”

A perfect example is an election reaction making the rounds on social media. But be warned for harsh language:


The same feelings have been witnessed (and fostered) on college campuses from coast to coast.

George Mason University, just outside D.C. went so far as to establish a “healing space” on campus the day after the election, the Beacon reported.

George Mason was only one of many college campuses that is going through a collective hyperventilation over the free and fair election.

A Democratic operative who spoke with the Free Beacon shed some light as to why.

“For these people, they really are shocked,” said the source, who declined to be identified. “It’s really a problem for them.

“Prime real estate was already booked at some of the most in-demand spots in Washington,” the source added. “I’m sure there are a few people who got ball gowns and had to send them back.

“Going into Tuesday night, we had all carefully planned out victory parties to celebrate,” said the Democratic operative.

“But late into the evening, it became more of a wake than a party. Every time I hear the phrase President-elect Trump I can’t believe it. I feel like I’m living in an alternate universe. The dream I was expecting of welcoming President Hillary Clinton has become the nightmare of President Donald Trump.”

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