Trump clears up one big question on harnessing the power of social media: ‘It’s where it’s at’

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Calling it “a great form of communication,” President-elect Donald Trump told CBS News’ Lesley Stahl he’ll continue to use social media in the White House.

“It’s where it’s at,” Trump said Sunday on “60 Minutes.”

With 15 million followers on Twitter alone, Trump said his social media presence is more valuable than the millions of dollars his opponents spent against him.

“I really believe that — the fact that I have such power in terms of numbers with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et cetera —  I think it helped me win all of these races where they’re spending much more money than I spent,” he insisted.

“And I won. I think that social media has more power than the money they spent, and I think maybe to a certain extent, I proved that.”

Trump said he may not “love it,” but social media helps get the word out and is an effective counter to media bias.

“When you give me a bad story or when you give me an inaccurate story or when somebody other than you and another — a network, or whatever, because of course, CBS would never do a thing like that right? I have a method of fighting back,” he said. “That’s very tough.”

And Trump was clear that he would not give that up as president, though he will be careful in how he uses it — a point he proved early Sunday when he made a triumphant return to Twitter.

“I’m going to be very restrained, if I use it at all, I’m going to be very restrained,” he said. “I find it tremendous. It’s a modern form of communication. There should be nothing we should be ashamed of. It’s… it’s where it’s at.”

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