Staged! Craigslist ads offer $1,500 a week for paid anti-Trump protesters

Busted! George Soros strikes again?

As violent anti-Trump riots continue, new evidence suggests the protests were staged by operatives paid to block traffic and hold up signs protesting Donald Trump‘s duly elected presidency.

A slew of Craigslists ads posted online across Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and other big cities are offering up to $1,500 a week for people to engage in “Stop Trump” movements.


Job duties include “blocking traffic,” and tout “no previous experience required,” so it’s perfect for unskilled or otherwise unemployed workers.

Ads posted on CraigsList in Seattle are recruiting full-time, part-time and permanent positions as protesters, Fox News reported.

NFL players union partners with George Soros to bankroll violent anti-Trump protests

“We are looking for motivated individuals who are seeking Full-Time, Part-Time, and Permanent positions,” reads a line from one ad.


Rumors are swirling that the anti-Trump protesters are being bankrolled by liberal billionaire activists like George Soros and groups like

While protesting might seem like fun and games to unemployed, directionless individuals, they’re causing millions of dollars in property damage and have resulted in Trump protesters getting beaten up.

There have been numerous death threats against President-elect Trump and widespread vandalism.  Note to morons: That’s not “protesting.” That’s criminal activity.

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Samantha Chang

Samantha Chang

Samantha Chang is a politics/lifestyle writer and a financial editor. She is a law school graduate and an alum of the University of Pennsylvania. You can find her on Twitter at @Samantha_Chang.
Samantha Chang

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