Michael Moore issues ironic call-to-action for sore losers to hit the streets over President-elect Trump

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Three days after America elected Donald Trump president of the United States as per the provisions of the U.S. Constitution, disgruntled Democrats are STILL throwing a collective temper tantrum.

…with plenty of encouragement from the media and hard-left celebrities, like Michael Moore.

The rotund liberal filmmaker took to social media on two separate occasions to issue a call-to-action to social justice warriors to take to the streets Friday night, promising that he too will be there. Protests he later described on MSNBC as “organic.”

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And the low-information Millennial lemmings did not disappoint, dutifully following the instructions of their pop culture gods as seen here in a report from CNN:

Of course, shutting down highways on a Friday during rush hour, preventing Americans from getting home after a hard day’s work, as seen below in Miami, is sure to have motorists eager to join forces with the sore losers.

One year ago, Ann Coulter was mercilessly laughed at on Bill Maher’s stage … but who’s laughing now?

Here’s a quick glimpse at how some social media users responded to what amounted to a protest of democracy from Twitter:

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