‘Find another flag! Trump supporter explodes with a killer ‘Dear Liberals’ rant and gains a lot of friends

Protesting and rioting liberals having a meltdown over Donald Trump’s victory have a special message from one fed-up man.

In a video posted on Twitter by Brian Fraser, a man identifying himself as Dionne Alexander called out the leftist thugs wreaking havoc across the nation’s cities since Election Day.

“Obviously it’s not Republicans out there causing all this destruction,” Alexander said, “it’s the liberals.”

“You’re causing all this destruction just because your candidate lost,’ he added. “You are the exact reason why Donald Trump won the election because we’re tired of you crybabies.”

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He concluded that anyone who won’t accept the American flag or Trump as the newly elected president should not enjoy the benefits of living in this country.

“This ain’t your damn country! Leave. Find another flag. Find another president,” he said. “Quit causing destruction and preaching peace because you’re contradicting yourself.”

Alexander posted a follow-up on Facebook thanking people for supporting him.

“I lost a few friends but I must have gained a couple thousand,” he said.

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