Is democracy in trouble? Protesters rage, have no clue how a constitutional republic works

Our democracy is in serious trouble.

Protests erupted in a dozen cities across the United States shortly after Donald Trump was elected president.

Angry pro-Hillary Clinton mobs took to the streets in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans and other cities to protest Trump, chanting “not my president!

trump-protest-die-whitesWhile political protest is a cherished American institution, setting fires, smashing windows, vandalizing buildings, and beating up random people is not “protesting.” It’s criminal activity.

Former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett was shocked and disgusted by the escalating vandalism and violence roiling the country.


After all, Trump was elected through a democratic process where millions of Americans voted him into office, Bennett pointed out.

“What exactly are they protesting? A constitutional republic’s way of engaging in democracy?” Bennett asked on the Kelly File.

“The way our democracy works is: One side loses, and one side wins.”

Bennett said the riots against Trump aren’t protests, but a “tantrum [that] our gal lost, so we’re going to protest.”

Meanwhile, riots and protests have broken out across the country, starting on California college campuses.


Vandals set trash cans on fire, burned American flags, broke windows, burned Donald Trump in effigy, and shut down highways while shouting “Not my president!”

Since then, the protests have spread to other cities and are increasingly getting more violent.

trump-protest-adIn Chicago, a random white man was filmed getting beaten up on the street by thugs as a woman in the background allegedly yells: “He voted Trump! Beat his ass!”

The vicious attack was posted on Facebook under the caption: “They Caught a Trump Already.”

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