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‘Calexit!’ Everyone’s excited now that Californians are actively organizing to secede from the U.S.

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Donald Trump’s election victory set off a wave of protests and got one movement trending on social media.

Although the group leading the “#Calexit” charge was in place long before Trump successfully secured the presidency, Tuesday’s election results set off a renewed wave of calls to make California an independent country.

The California exit, recalling Britain’s move to leave the European Union that came to be called “Brexit,” has Californians in favor of seceding from the U.S. joining the movement led by the “Yes California Independence Campaign.”

The group, whose president Louis Marinelli once served as the former interim chairman of the California National Party, plans to hold a referendum in 2019 that would make California its own nation.

Those in favor of California seceding from the U.S. gathered Wednesday at the capitol in Sacramento.

While the movement was trending on Twitter and gaining interest, many on social media seemed perfectly happy with the idea of an America without the state of California.

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