Why pundits are STUNNED with this map – If you’re shocked by how red the state view is, look even closer

electoral-map-countyDonald Trump over-promised and over-delivered.

Trump pulled off a shocking underdog victory by blowing up the entire U.S. electoral map and flipping traditionally blue states red.

In addition to winning all of his “must-win” states like Ohio, Florida and North Carolina, the brash billionaire also won unlikely blue states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that haven’t voted Republican for decades.

Trump’s unexpected trouncing of Establishment darling Hillary Clinton shows just how strongly his message of change and “draining the swamp” resonated with voters.

electoral-map-by-countyTrump proved all his naysayers — from mainstream media, the Democratic Party, establishment Republicans, and political pundits  — wrong.

Even the anti-Trump Washington Post, which had assigned an army of 20 reporters to dig up dirt on the real estate mogul, now concedes they were “wrong, wrong, wrong” to underestimate Trump’s mass appeal to Americans.

In its groveling mea culpa, the Washington Post wrote:

“All of this disproves the idea, which we and everyone else have espoused early and often, that Trump’s path to victory was narrow. It wasn’t. It was broad. We were wrong. The polls were wrong. We fundamentally misunderstood this election.

“Trump won all of his ‘must-win’ states … and then added some states that we barely gave him a chance in, proving that everything we thought we knew about the polls and the electoral map was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.”

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Samantha Chang


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