Brit Hume gets fed-up with resident lib on election night; he ‘basically just told Juan Williams to shut up’

Fox News Channel’s resident liberal, Juan Williams, needed a dressing down once again — this time for diminishing Donald Trump‘s victory within minutes of it being called.

“Let the guy have a fresh start!” Brit Hume, the network’s senior political analyst told him.

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Williams didn’t hesitate to attribute Trump’s victory to a racist electorate.

“I think he had a lot of sort of nationalist, white appeal that has brought out some extreme elements in our society,” he said.

The only thing Williams missed was the word “socialist” after “nationalist” to call Trump a full-fledged Nazi.

He suggested that Trump express humility in the coming days in order to reach out to Clinton voters, much like what President Obama did not do in 2008 and 2012. Williams described Democrats now as “somewhat put off, if not in total shock at what has happened here tonight,” and believed that Trump would be unable to reach out.

“I see him as someone who holds grudges, pursues those grudges, says I’m going to lock up my opponents, and that scares me,” Williams said.

Fox News contributor Karl Rove disagreed, and observed that “this country has survived elections before in which there was bitterness … far beyond the measure in which we have seen in this election.”

Even after Hume brought up other examples of elections more bitter than 2016, Williams wouldn’t let it go.

“When you hear about banning Muslims –” Williams began.

“Juan, Juan,” Hume interjected. “Let the guy have a fresh start!”

The exchange wasn’t lost on social media.

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