Loretta Lynch’s ‘don’t touch Hillary’ DOJ is deploying 500 ‘election monitors’ to oversee voting activity

The Justice Department will be rolling out more than 500 poll monitors from its Civil Rights Division to 67 jurisdictions in 28 states for Tuesday’s election.

The DOJ has been sending personnel into the field to monitor elections since the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch said in a press release Monday the department will “continue to have a robust election monitors program in place on election day.”

Given how political the Department of Justice has become under the Obama administration, critics may wonder if the feds are there to monitor events or help facilitate the outcome.

“The bedrock of our democracy is the right to vote, and the Department of Justice works tirelessly to uphold that right not only on Election Day, but every day,” Lynch said in the release.

And while the DOJ is keen on ignoring the nation’s immigration laws, the attorney general stressed that voting laws will be enforced “through a range of activities.”

With the exception of the occasional New Black Panther Party militant armed with a billy club, Lynch is committed to ensuring “eligible” voters have access to the ballot.

“The department is deeply committed to the fair and unbiased application of our voting rights laws and we will work tirelessly to ensure that every eligible person that wants to do so is able to cast a ballot,” she said.

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Tom Tillison


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