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Guy takes his camera to Philly polls: Team Hillary allegedly threatens Trump poll worker with a belt and much more

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By most accounts, the presidential race is as close as it gets. Adding to the excitement, are states that never should have been in play – if Democrats had their way – and may suddenly buck tradition to go for the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

There may be no bigger upset than if the Democrat stronghold of Pennsylvania tipped in Trump’s favor.

And according to breaking on the ground reports, Dem campaign workers are willing to do just about anything to keep that from happening.

Self-described “recovering political operative” formerly with CBS news, Jack Posobiec is uncovering all kinds of seemingly illegal behavior at the Philly polls, from electioneering to reported threats of physical violence.

Perhaps the most blatant illegal behavior that was caught on tape was when a Democrat was caught campaigning for Hillary inside the polling place.

You can hear a woman urging, “We need your votes,” while someone else can be heard trying to hush her up with “Shh, shh!!!”


To believe that Posobiec just happened upon the ONE incidence of nefarious behavior would be nothing short of willful ignorance.

In fact, judging from Posobiec’s Twitter account, he has been finding illegal activity everywhere as he makes his way through Philly.

At one point, police were called when a Trump poll worker was allegedly threatened with a belt by a Hillary campaign staffer.


Wherever Posobiec seems to go, the polling places are rife with illegal electioneering.

And the problems don’t end there.


As if Posobiec’s reports are disturbing enough, Joseph Defelice, Pennsylvania’s GOP Chairman said the Democrats are banning Republican poll watchers and minority inspectors, the Daily Caller reported.

“They’re just not letting them inside. They’re either poll watchers or minority inspectors. Minority inspectors are court appointed whereas poll watchers are mandated through the city to be inside that polling place,” he told The Daily Caller.

“They’re saying, ‘We don’t want you here. We don’t have Republicans in here. We’re full already. I don’t know what that piece of paper is.’ This happened in 2012. We made a big issue out of this,” Defelice said.


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