Hillary finally comments on FBI’s final bombshell; here’s her ‘befuddled’ response

Hillary Clinton is still confused about the latest FBI investigation of her emails.

In her first public comments about the FBI inquiry, the Democratic presidential nominee told radio host Ryan Seacrest that she was baffled by the agency’s latest handling of the probe.

“Well, I kept saying that I was surprised. I never expected them to do that. I was just a little befuddled by the whole process,” Clinton said Monday in an interview on iHeart Radio.

“But it’s behind us now,” she continued,  “and I think everybody should focus on what is best for our country and how we’re going to meet the challenges we have. And that’s what I’ve been talking about throughout this entire campaign.”

Clinton was feeling an “amazing combination of emotions” coming into the last few hours leading into Election Day.

She added that she hoped to her rival Donald Trump would reach out to her if she wins the White House and work to bring the nation together.

“I hope that he will, if I am successful, play a constructive role in doing just what I said, coming together, bringing people who supported him to the table so that we can have the kind of national conversation we should have,” Clinton said.

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Frieda Powers


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