Dem operative Van Jones explains what’s causing that ‘crack in the blue wall’

CNN contributor Van Jones pointed to a “crack in the blue wall” Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” to explain Donald Trump’s popularity among middle-class white voters in America’s Rust Belt.

A crack caused by the U.S. trade deficit with foreign countries, which Jones said some Democratic voter blame Hillary Clinton for — he called this the “ghost of Bernie Sanders.”

“There is a crack in the blue wall. It has to do with trade,” Jones told CNN host Jake Tapper.

“This is a ghost of Bernie Sanders,” Jones continued. “There is a discontent with some Democratic voters over trade and some blame Hillary Clinton. And so you’ve got to go back there and shore back up.”

Jones then mentioned a “drunk guy” driving the bus, which appeared to be a reference to Clinton’s candidacy.

“Here is the reality, there is a clear case to be made — and it’s being made by Democrats — to stay home,” he said. “Listen, you don’t like where the bus is going, you don’t let a drunk guy drive the bus to solve the problem. There’s no point pretending there’s not some concern here.”

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