Huff Po crosses WAY over the line with desperate racist headline about the FBI


Fortunately for the Huffington Post, not only is it politically correct to stereotype white males in Barack Obama’s post-racial America, you can openly cast aspersions on the demographic.

And that’s precisely what the liberal online news outlet did in a desperate attempt to distract from the FBI’s bombshell revelation that additional Hillary Clinton-related emails have been found — on pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop, nonetheless!

In effect, Huffington Post editorial director Whitney Snyder, presumably a while male himself, plays the race card by suggesting “a revenge-seeking shadow element within the agency” may be “attempting to swing the outcome” of the election.

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That would be a white shadow, although Snyder himself does not actually point to race in his attack on the FBI — he does remind his readers that the bureau’s history “is littered with unsavory acts,” to include “blackmailing Martin Luther King.”

Instead, his column is promoted with the banner seen above that references “white guys run amok.”

And with a link within the piece that promotes another anti-Trump piece claiming that because the FBI is largely made up of white males and is a political conservative culture, agents are “more likely than the general population to support Trump.”

Or, as the headline declares, possess a “love for Trump” … yep, no bias here.


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