Ready to close the deal? Trump drops two devastating ads targeting Hillary

Looking to close the deal, Donald Trump is out with two new ads that will play across the country, to include several battleground states.

The Trump campaign announced a $25 million ad buy Wednesday, according to The Hill, and is hitting rival Hillary Clinton hard on corruption, while reminding voters they have “two choices, two Americas, decided by you.”

“The Clintons: From dead broke to worth hundreds of millions,” the first ad begins.

“So how did Hillary end up filthy rich? Pay to play politics.

“Staggering amounts of cash poured into the Clinton Foundation from criminals, dictators, countries that hate America. Hillary cut deals for donors.

“Now the FBI has launched a new investigation. After decades of lies and scandal, her corruption is closing in.”

Trump senior communications adviser Jason Miller pointed to Clinton’s “lack of transparency, blatant dishonesty and self-centeredness” in a statement.

“Clinton has consistently put the well-being of her wallet and her donors’ wallets over the well-being of Americans, has spent decades leading our country in the wrong direction and is now spending the final week of a historic presidential election fighting the FBI instead of giving the American people something to vote for,” Miller said.

In the second ad, the Trump campaign stresses choices.

“The American moment is here — two choices, two Americas, decided by you,” the narrator states.

“Hillary Clinton will keep us on the road to stagnation. Fewer jobs, rising crime, America diminished at home and abroad. Donald Trump will bring the change we’re waiting for.”

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Tom Tillison


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