CBS anchor Scott Pelley pretty worried not enough blacks are going to turn out to elect Hillary

Whatever happened to reporting the news. The era of reporting “just the facts” has turned every journalist into a commentator, and every story into an op-ed.

This fact was driven home Tuesday during the “CBS Evening News,” when anchor Scott Pelley morphed from observer to Hillary Clinton cheerleader when discussing low voter turnout for the Democratic nominee from the African-American community.

CBS News clip via Media Research Center

“African Americans could tip the balance in battleground states, especially in Florida and here in Ohio, if they turn out for Clinton as strongly as they did for President Obama,” Pelley told his viewers.

He followed this up with a clip from “60 Minutes,” in which Cleveland Pastor Jawanza Colvin discussed the importance of the election.

“I think what’s going to happen is that people are going to have to vote– vote with passion and with purpose,” Colvin told Pelley. “Because this election is not simply significant because every election is important. This election is existential when you look at what’s happening around the country, the rhetoric, the kind of loss of civility.”

Kelley turned to parishioner Lisa Tollbert and explained why high voter turnout from the African-American community was essential for a Clinton victory.

“When African-Americans vote in large numbers in Ohio, Ohio votes Democratic” he told her. “And when they don’t come to the polls, Ohio votes Republican,” after telling her, “My wife says if you don’t vote you can’t complain.”

She replied that “I’m going to pray that they come to the polls,” but added that she wasn’t feeling it.

Pelley turned back to the pastor.

“When you look into this congregation, the Sunday before Election Day, what are you going to tell them,” Pelley asked Colvin.

I’m going to say, “When you go to the polls, remember who you’re taking with you. First, I want to think about the past. We’re taking Medgar Evers with us. We’re taking freedom summer with us. But not only are we taking the past, but we are also taking the future. You’re taking your kids, your granddaughters, and kids unborn.”

According to MRC:

Pelley’s report seemed to be almost a plea for a swell that could put Clinton over the top in swing states such as Ohio and Florida. A Clinton victory could require such a swell, especially after taking damage from the FBI’s latest investigation into her e-mails. The full scale of the damage is yet to be seen. What Pelley also failed to mention is that GOP nominee Donald Trump could also benefit from a swell of African American voters.


“Just the facts Ma’am, just the facts,” Los Angeles Police Sgt. Joe Friday used to say in the 1950s TV drama “Dragnet.” Journalists used to say that also. But, no more.

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