Newt Gingrich floats chilling new Hillary campaign slogan that might just make Dem voters stay home

The dire consequences of a potential Hillary Clinton presidency are endless.

Former speaker Newt Gingrich laid out on Fox News’ “Hannity” what Americans could expect if Clinton, who is mired in scandal and controversy, is elected.

“She would spend a brief period of her temporary presidency just totally entangled in this kind of stuff,” Gingrich said on Monday of her mounting legal troubles.

He also touched on a new revelation that only compounds the FBI’s re-opening of the probe into Clinton’s private emails.

“I didn’t realize until yesterday, that there are five FBI field offices that are investigating the Clinton Foundation,” he said.

Gingrich predicts Clinton would be so bogged down with legal issues that she wouldn’t really be president at all.

“No matter how good the election result, if you are a criminal and you run afoul of the system, if you have obstructed justice, the system grinds you down,” he said.

“Maybe the Clinton campaign slogan for the next eight days should be ‘Vote Hillary and Get Tim Kaine For President’,” he said.


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