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Forget the exit polls America, Glenn Beck just called the election: ‘This race is over’

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Glenn Beck thinks the presidential race is effectively over.

With the announcement by the FBI that it is re-opening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, Beck believes Donald Trump was just handed a great gift.

“So this, I believe, is not only unprecedented, but it is the greatest gift given to any candidate of all time in the history of America,”  the conservative radio host said Monday on his program.

“The race is over,” he continued. “How can the next president face a possible collapsing economy, possible war with Russia, and a current war with ISIS? Oh, and also, be under FBI investigation and indictment? Can’t. Can’t.”

Beck agreed with his co-hosts that a victory for Trump is almost guaranteed. “He’s got to win now,” Beck said.

“It’s too much,” he added. “The press has had it. They’ve had it. I really believe the Clintons have overplayed their hand and outstayed their welcome with the press.”

What do you think of his analysis?

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