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FACEPALM! Hillary ‘admits’ that she’s one of the ‘most corrupt, least popular candidates of all time’

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Not sure what the Hillary Clinton campaign was thinking when they promoted the candidate as corrupt and unpopular in a Twitter post.

In a Freudian slip or a case of poor review before tapping the tweet button, the campaign posted a link to a piece calling the Democratic presidential nominee one of “most corrupt, least popular candidates of all time.”

Clinton’s 10 million followers were treated to the tweet, which has not been removed or amended, linking to the story on Slate that promotes her as the better choice compared to Donald Trump.

Asking, “How should voters weigh the sins of these two uniquely corrupt candidates?” the piece provides 239 “offenses and misdemeanors” by Trump while only listing “Poor email server management” as Clinton’s flaw.

Still, Clinton’s “guide to help you make your choice for president” probably isn’t getting the positive attention the campaign may have been after as many Twitter users could not get past the headline.

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Frieda Powers


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